Lost Ark Gold: The Ultimate Farming Guide You Didn’t Know


Lost Ark Gold is a valuable resource that you can find in Lost Ark. The Lost Ark is a dungeon that is filled with monsters and treasure. You can find Lost Ark Gold by defeating the dungeon monsters and looting their corpses.

It would help if you had a lot of Lost Ark Gold because the items you can buy with it are all costly. As a general rule of thumb, expect to spend around 500,000 lost ark gold on average if you want to obtain the best gear for your level.

One of the most important things to obtain large amounts of Lost Ark Gold is participating in the Lost Ark daily quests. It is also possible to make gold by selling the useless items you receive from the Lost Ark, but most are not worth much money because they are only helpful for crafting.

Lost Ark Gold Farming Guide

There are a few different ways that you can farm gold in Lost Ark. In this guide; we’ll go over the best methods for farming gold so that you can make the most of your time in the game.

Farming Gold from Monsters:

One of the best ways to farm gold is by killing monsters. Not only do you get gold for defeating them, but you also get experience and items. The best way to farm gold from monsters is by using a high-level character and targeting enemies that drop lots of gold.

The most common monsters you’ll encounter are slimes. Slimes respawn after a certain amount of time, so you can farm gold with ease if you keep clearing them. They also drop Lost Ark gold, so planting them is the best way to earn money in the game. Another suitable type of monster for farming gold is golems. They drop a lot of gold as well as experience and craft materials.

Saving Gold:

When it comes to gold saving, several options are available, some of which are cheaper than others.  The most affordable method is to buy the lost ark gold packs available on Steam.

Where to farm Lost Ark Gold

You can find the Lost Ark gold farming guide below. This map is geared towards level 40 players and includes many quests available for lower levels. This map aims to provide enough direction, so players do not get lost and allow them to discover mechanics on their own if they wish to.

One of the best methods for saving gold at this point is to invest your energy into a pet.  The primary purpose of a pet is to assist you in battle, but it also has some other characteristics that are very useful.  For example, pets will locate nearby treasure chests and pick them up, allowing players to click on the chest to add the items inside simply.

Tips on farming the most gold per hour

Tutorial Island:

The first island you wake up on after your escape.  This is the best place to farm up gold for any new player. You are given a quest that asks you to kill 12 orcs; once completed, this will award 30+ silver automatically without having to click on them. The mobs respawn fast enough, so you should never have to wait for them. The quest awards 30+ silver a pop, and a total of 9 quests exist on this island, each awarding 1-2k silver upon completion. This is the best place to farm up gold until you reach level 25.

Skeleton Dungeon:

The skeleton dungeon drops a large quantity of low silver mobs and also awards one silver for every set of 10 stages you clear.  The primary purpose of this dungeon is to farm up for low-level gems and black stones and no other reason.  This is the best place to farm until you reach level 35.

Tulimshar Fortress:

The tulimshar fortress is where new players should focus their energy on reaching level 35.  At this point in the game, you will be able to take down Lvl 40 mobs, and this area offers a lot of them; the quest awards 150+ silver per quest, and up to 5 quests exist per stage. This place offers one of the best gold/time ratios in Lost Ark and is a great place to farm to get your bearings on how this game works.

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