Best Management Practices to Maintain Catch Basins


A plastic catch basin allows rainwater to flow through the connected pipes leading to the sewer system. It has a grate on top with filters that ensures that only small rubbish and water fit through the slots. Also, it can serve as a stormwater drainage tool since it has all the components that ensure pollutants are not washed into our streams and rivers. As a homeowner, ensure you learn more about how you maintain these drainage products to enjoy the many benefits they offer.

It is essential to understand that catch basins help protect our watershed by preventing debris and stormwater from transporting pollutants to our rivers. In other words, these drainage products are an entry point to the sewer drainage system. They contain an outlet pipe that is used to capture floating oils and debris. Also, they come with a sump to capture pollutants, debris, and sediments.

Facts about Catch Basins

As mentioned above, these drainage products come with the best components to help collect excess rainwater to a sewer drainage system. Also, apart from collecting rainwater, they trap pollutants that can bring harm to people. However, as property owners, it is essential to note that these plastic catch basins should be cleaned periodically.

When you maintain these tools regularly, you enhance drainage, reduce the risk of debris, keep pipes from becoming clogged, and prevent localized flooding. Therefore, regular cleaning and removal of pollutants benefit our environment and benefits water quality. Ideally, if these pollutants are allowed to flow into a stream, they will contaminate the water and harm aquatic organisms.

Best Management Practices

Once you have installed plastic drainage catch basins in your home, ensure you maintain them properly to last longer. Without proper management and maintenance, these products will wear out quickly and force you to spend more money and time repairing or replacing them. Therefore, the following are the best management practices recommended to keep your plastic drainage catch basins working correctly.

Catch Basin Sump

One of the sections or parts that should be cleaned is the catch basin sump. When cleaning plastic drainage catch basins, you can decide to do it by yourself or hire a cleaning contractor to help you clean it. But if you are cleaning it by yourself, ensure you dispose of the water to sewer systems. Also, ensure you remove solids and do not dispose of them.

After cleaning the catch basin sump, it is advisable to take your time and repair any damage you find to the outlet pipe. You can look for a professional contractor or plumber to help you replace or repair some parts that require maintenance.

Catch Basin Grates

The catch basin grates is another section that should be cleaned regularly. Ensure you remove trash and leaves to reduce clogging. Depending on the level of rainfall in your region, it is advisable to remove debris and any other trash you find on the grates after it has rained.


It is your responsibility as a property owner to ensure that your drainage system is working and well-maintained. By following the above-highlighted management practices, you will not have issues with your drainage system. Ensure you clean your plastic drainage catch basins regularly to avoid many problems with your drainage system.


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