How Much Do You Know About Pellet Burners?


A Biomass industrial pellet burner provides you with a modern-day method of burning wood. It is a great equipment to produce heat or energy without causing serious environmental damage like fossil fuels. Today, it’s used in multiple industries including boilers, casting machines, industrial stoves, and etc.

How do the pellet burners work?

The basic principle of these machines is simple. They use wood pellets as fuel to produce heat and energy. The type and quality of your pellet burner affect the results. One key factor is efficiency.

One of the widely used pellet burners is from Yulong. These are great if you don’t want to invest in high-quality pellets. These burners have lower fuel quality requirements. With a working efficiency of over 95 percent, these pellet burners bring you very close to perfection.

Such burners use a half gasification combustion process to carry out burning. That combined with a swirling air distribution design provides higher fuel efficiency.

What makes pellet burners special?

Pellet burners have many key features and qualities that make them stand out. These machines allow you to adjust the heating load and temperature. This gets you complete control over your burning process.

Moreover, the burning process produces low to no pollution compared to fossil fuel burning machines. This makes them environmental-friendly and a great alternative to coal stoves.

Maintenance and ease of operation are essential for any industrial equipment. Especially for burners as they work at extremely high temperatures all the time. The Yulong brand pellet burners offer easy maintenance and easy operation. They allow automatic feeding and discharging.

Moreover, these burners also come with automatic ignition and temperature control. This brings them into the categories of modern pellet burner machines.

Other than that, the Yulong brand burners have a low working cost as wood pellets are cheap and widely available. The frequency conversion feature allows you to use them for multiple purposes and switch between burning types.

Incomplete Burning and its Effects

Poor quality or low-end wood pellet burners often have low efficiency. This means that they are unable to carry out complete burning or combustion of the biomass fuel (wood pellets).

Incomplete burning can cause the production of toxic gases such as Carbon monoxide.

This is where high-quality Yulong wood pellet burners come in handy. By carrying out complete combustion, not only do they prevent environmental and health damage but also bring you higher efficiency.

Other Common Pellet-Burning Appliances

If you are looking to choose the best pellet-burning method and equipment, here are a few commonly used machines.

  1. Wood pellet boiler combined with oil-fired boiler:

While installing a wood pellet boiler, it is sometimes preferable to have an existing natural gas-fired boiler as a backup. This is great for cold areas where there are extreme winters.

  1. Compact boiler systems:

These are also called stoker boilers. They consist of a boiler, a combustion mechanism, and a fuel hopper integrated into one unit.

  1. Wood Pellet Boilers

These boilers use wood pellets as fuel. They are mostly used for heat production which is then used to burn other well-defined fuels.

Bottom Line

To burn wood pellets and have maximum output in the form of heat and energy, the Yulong wood pellet burners are one of the best out there. They have high efficiency and provide complete burning of the fuel. Therefore, making them complete and environment-friendly equipment in the industry.


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